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Redeeming your voucher

Have you received a massage voucher?

Book a massage online and redeem your massage voucher with MASSEUR at the massage parlour; we will deduct the value of your massage voucher from the massage booked.

Note: please select payment method: Betaal in salon (pay at parlour)

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Gifting a massage voucher

A massage is the perfect gift

A massage voucher is an original, healthy, unique and precious gift. A massage voucher is fun to give and simply delightful to receive. A great gift for special or festive occasions, such as: birthdays, Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, Valentine’s Day, bachelor’s or bachelorette’s days, weddings, graduations, before or after an exam, new home, new job, St Nicholas, Christmas, anniversaries, pregnancy, after birth, or simply as a spontaneous thank you!

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Massage vouchers for companies

Give the gift of massage

A massage voucher is an original business gift and a present that is highly appreciated by your staff, co-workers or business partners. You can offer them this gift during such occasions as: on Administrative Professionals’ Day, as a business gift, in a Christmas hamper, St Nicholas hamper, upon the achievement of a target, as a reward or as a parting gift. With a relaxation massage, your co-workers will perform better, and by getting a massage regularly, you can prevent or diminish a burnout as well.

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Ordering a massage voucher

to the value of 20 or 40 euros

Massage vouchers can be ordered online. You will receive your vouchers within three days after payment by mail at your home address. The massage voucher can also be sent by registered mail, at additional cost. And you can buy a voucher during your own visit at the MASSEUR massage parlour as well, of course.

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