from relaxation to pain relief

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Relaxation massage

Relax your mind and body with a relaxation massage and detach from your daily dose of stress. This massage will take you away from the constant external stimuli and from the high-performance pressure. The relaxation and de-stressing will also help you prevent burnouts and associated problems.

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Back, neck & shoulder massage

The tense areas of the neck, shoulder blades, upper and lower back are given special attention: these are the areas where many people experience tension-related physical complaints. This massage will let you breathe and move freely again. Your muscles will be softened and your constraints will be lifted. This massage provides relief and reduces headaches and complaints from migraines.

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Massage in consultation with the masseur

Massages ranging from relaxation to pain relief. In consultation with the masseur, you will determine a massage that fits your personal discomforts or the disbalance in your body. During this massage, your muscles will be softened and painful contraction knots, adhesions and the connective tissue beneath your skin will be loosened.

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Prenatal massage

This one is the for moms-to-be. Allow yourself and your child an intense sensation of relaxation. The masseur specialises in prenatal massages and knows what can and what should not be done during pregnancy: safe and pleasant. This massage focuses on the wellbeing of both mother and child and relieves any pregnancy aches.

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Mama massage

The mommy massage will bring you back into balance faster and you will recover sooner after your pregnancy. Continuously lifting your baby is quite heavy, this often causes neck-shoulder-back complaints. Mama massage is aimed at sparing your back, neck, shoulders and arm muscles. This massage is relaxing as a preventive, a moment for yourself and then completely for your child and family again.

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Head massage

Do you suffer from headaches, insomnia, stress, burnout, fatigue or migraines? That's a main passage worth trying. During this massage, your neck, shoulders and part of your upper back will be massaged in addition to your head. Problems in these areas are often the cause of headaches, so a lot of attention is paid to them.

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Chair massage

Chair massage provides a moment of relaxation, resulting in a sharper mind, better concentration and a fitter body with smoother muscles. Chair massage is a tailor-made, effective pressure point and massage treatment, which is given on an ergonomically shaped chair. This massage focuses on the head, neck, shoulders, back, hips, arms and hands, and is given through the clothing

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